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 Adding/Updating a Vendor in to PeopleSoft

Searching for a vendor

Path: Main Menu > Vendor > Vendor Information > Add/Update, then either enter the vendor EIN in the area marked "Vendor TIN Number" or change "Name 1" to "Contains" and type in the most unique word in the name.

Vendor Search Job Aide


Add/Update a Vendor

To add a new vendor or update the information to an existing vendor in PeopleSoft, please have them complete the following forms. Once the forms have been completed, please have them sent to Purchasing via fax to 508.999.8997

Domestic Vendor:


Foreign Source Vendor:


Foreign Speakers/Performers/Honoraria:

Please contact Nadine Rodriguez at 508.999.8054 or via email

*If a vendor is "Inactive" in PeopleSoft, they will need to complete a new W9 tax form.

*All individuals, including: honoraria, consultants, speakers, performers, Part Time Visiting Lecturers please contact Leslie Mercure via email or phone at 508.999.6474