Procurement Card Program

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is pleased to annouce Citibank as the offical procurement card (Procard) provider. The ProCard is a purchasing tool, which provides an efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for business commodities and services. In addition, cards linked to operating and discretionary budgets may be approved for the purchase of business travel.

Citi® One Card — a card that combines travel & purchasing— as the one, and only, card you will need to manage all your UMass Dartmouth expenses. Cardholders will have many benefits and advantages, including:

•  Acceptance at up to 27 million merchant locations in 140 countries gives you more choice and flexibility when traveling.

•  Best-in-class customer service 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world.

•  Convenient online account management. Review your statements online.

• Business Travel Advantages; Tripp planning services, Auto rental collision damage waiver, Liability waiver insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance, Travel and emergancy assistance services, Medical expense coverage up to $2500 per person.


Declining Balance Card:

Do you need a card temporarily for a business trip, startup funds, or attached to a grant that will expire? A Declining Balance card can be setup with a specified credit limit and expiration date. For more information please contact the Procard Administrator.


How do I get a card? Please submit the appropriate application below. Please be sure to include the appropriate speedtype and your supervisors approval.


How do I get training?  Trainings are generally held twice per month and run about 45 minutes. If available, you will receive your card at the training. Please be sure to have completed and submitted the Security Access Form for reallocation access.‌

What are the ProCard policies and procedures?

Please refer to the following: Procard User Guide_v5


How do I dispute a charge?

Please contact Citi® Customer Service at 800-248-4553.


Suspect fraudulent activity on your card?

Please contact Citi® Fraud Department at 800-945-3114.


If you have any questions regarding the ProCard Program, please contact ProCard Administrator, Nadine Rodriguez at or (508) 999-8054.