Procard Forms


How do I get a University Procard?

Please submit the appropriate application below. Please be sure to include the appropriate speedtype and your supervisors approval. The completed Citi® One Card (Procard) Application (Interactive PDF) and questions are to be submitted to Nadine Rodriguez, Procard Administrator.

Is it required I access CitiManager? Is there a quick reference guide to access CitiManager?

Yes, to comply with state law, it is required to keep all original Procard Statements on file for 7 years. To be able to print these statements, it is required you sign into CitiManager. Pluse use the following link to the CitiManager Account Access Job Aid (PDF).

What can I do if I lose my receipt?

If an original receipt is lost, but a photocopy is available, the photocopy will be accepted only with a written detailed explanation why the original receipt is unavailable. The explanation must be made in writing, signed by the cardholder and the approving authority, and attached to the cardholder’s statement.

If an original receipt is lost and a copy is unattainable a receipt affidavit must be completed and signed by the cardholder and the approving authority. It must include a complete explanation of the expense and the reason for the missing receipt. (The cardholder is not permitted to claim more than a total of $30.00 in missing receipts per instance and/or per day).

In the event of a missing airline receipt (last page of a ticket stub), a Procard Missing Receipt Form (DOC) must be accompanied with the travel agency’s airline ticket copy. All agencies are required by the Airline Reporting Commission to keep copies of tickets issued. If you are unable to obtain a copy of the airline receipt, a copy of the itinerary must be included with the missing receipt affidavit.

Is there any other documentation required to reconcile your monthly statement?

When the cardholder places an order with a vendor (telephone, mail, in person), he/she should make a note of the transaction in the log. It is required that the Cardholder keep a monthly log of all his/her purchase transactions conducted with the Procard, to better track his/her purchases and available budget.

Log in all payments on your  (EXCEL)

  • Vendor name and reservation confirmation numbers.
  • Include traveler’s name, address and purpose of the visit to UMass Dartmouth

When is a Business Expense Form required? What are Allowable Business/Entertainment Expenses?

The Business Expense Form applies to expenses incurred by a duly authorized University of Massachusetts employee who incurs expenses in the process of conducting University business. This form should be completed, signed and filed with the appropriate procard statement. Examples of appropriate use are:

Takeout Food:

Procards can be used for takeout food for meetings and events that are related to University business. Following are some examples of appropriate use of the Procard for take-out food:

•Groceries purchased from a local store for a seminar.

•Pizza purchased (and delivered) to a department for a group of students.

•Sandwiches and salads delivered (but not served) by a local deli for a business luncheon.


Procards can be used at restaurants for the following types of meetings:

•Employee candidate recruitment.

•Hosting official guests.

•Entertainment of institutional donors

Is it possible for me to find a list of all my transactions? Is it possible to find a list of all transactions that have posted to me department?

Absolutely! There are multiple public procard queries you have access to in PeopleSoft Finance to see all of these transactions. Please see How to Query ProCard Information in PeopleSoft (PDF)

Listed on pages 7 & 8 of the Procard Manual are a list of resticted commodities for the procard. Is it possible to have an exception to any of these policies?

Yes, when required, it is possible to have a Policy Exception Approval Form (Interactive PDF) completed and approved. As example:

The Board of Trustee Business Expense Policy states “Purchase of alcoholic beverages is highly discouraged due to the expense of the potential liability involved. However, when written authorization is obtained prior to the event, or when specific campus policies are followed, the purchase may be allowed.” (Trustees Policy, Doc. T92-031, 405.5)

Alcohol consumed at a business meal must be reasonable (generally not to exceed 25% of the total bill) and be served in conjunction with a meal. This exception requires a completed policy exception approval form.