Print Enterprise Technology Solution


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PETS?

PETS stand for Print Enterprise Technology Solution. The University System led by the Dartmouth campus has made an exclusive award for the purchase and lease of photocopier multifunctional devices to Xerox Corporation. Included in the scope of services with Xerox Corporation is the requirement to perform a physical inventory of all print devices on campus and develop an optimization plan based upon industry standards that will reduce the overall costs of print devices and associated costs enterprise wide.

The vision, within 3 - 4 years is to have standardized Print/Production centers across the campus allowing for the most cost effective use of University funds to facilitate the attainment of the University’s mission. Secondarily, to position and develop leverage allowing the University to continually drive print output costs down as the contract matures. Lastly, at the end of the contract the University will be able to drive equipment costs down to the next level of savings. This last objective and strategy will be possible as all leases, at the end of the contract, will co terminate, allowing the University to drive cost down by being able to leverage volume discounts.   

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  • What is MFD?

MFD stands for a Multifunctional Device. A MFD is an all-in-one printer, scanner, fax and copy device allowing for centralized production within a large office setting leading to the ability to effectively and efficiently manage output.

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  • Who are the contacts internally and externally?


Nadine Britto, Administrative Services

Phone: 508-999-8054

Fax: 508-999-8997


Ted Sheridan, Solutions Consultant

Phone: 617-963-9275

Fax: 781-672-7878


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  • When can my department get a new MFD?

Immediately - The contract with Xerox Corporation for the purchase and lease of MFD’s is effective as of January 1, 2010. All purchases of MFD’s as of this date are to be placed with Xerox Corporation. 

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  • How do I go about obtaining a quote from Xerox for a new MFD? 

Contact Ted Sheridan, Xerox Solutions Consultant to establish the most efficient MFD for your department needs.

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  •  I now have a quote from Xerox how do I go about ordering my new MFD? 

The Services & Solutions Order provided by Xerox will need to be emailed to Nadine Britto, Administrative Services.

in order to obtain proper signatory approval by the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services. Once this document has been signed and returned to Xerox Corporation the requisition may be entered in PeopleSoft Finance. No equipment will be delivered until a requisition has been entered into PeopleSoft and a Purchase Order dispatched.   

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  • How do I setup a requisition in PeopleSoft Finance for my new MFD?

All requisitions to Xerox Corporation for MFD's should be setup accordingly:

1. On the Define Requisition Tab select the hyperlink UMASS Req Info.

Under Special Contract Info select other.

Enter the contract number DD10SC6.

2. Please select Xerox Corporation Vendor#00000025984

3. The requisition must be setup with 2 lines.

Line 1: Monthly lease Payments 1-12 of 60 month lease. Use account Code 766550.

(I.e. Payments1-12 are payments from July to June of a fiscal year. The next consecutive fiscal year the requisition line 1 should read Payments 13-24 of 60, and so on for the remainder of the fiscal years within the lease agreement.) 

Line 2: Service use account code 768550.

On Line 2 the department should put an estimated amount on this line determined by the departments anticipated usage.

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  • What supplies is my department responsible for?

The only supplies that your department will be responsible for purchasing are paper and staples for the MFD. Unlimited service, toner and maintenance are provided at no additional fee.

 If you MFD requires service or toner please call one of the following. 

For Xerox Service call 1-800-822-2979

For Xerox Supplies call 1-800-822-2200

*Be prepared to provide your Serial # to the Xerox Customer Service Specialist. 

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