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WB Mason Swap & $ave

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New WB Mason Cost Saving Feature

Swap and $ave


As one of 2012 cost savings initiatives, the Purchasing Department is pleased to announce a new feature called “Swap and Save”, which will be added to WB Mason’s web ordering system, effective Monday, September 5, 2011.


After you add items to your “cart”, the Swap and $ave feature will display a lower cost alternative when you click on the “Checkout” button. The screen will show you what you could save on each item and a grand total of your savings potential. It is important for you to know that all lower cost items are of equal quality but provide greater cost savings.


It is projected based upon the Dartmouth’s past purchasing history with WB Mason, that the campus has the potential to avoid $100,000 annually, if alternative lower priced items are purchased.  


To assist in navigating the Swap and $ave, please refer the Instructions and Screen Shots.


The feature will also have the capability of providing reports on cost savings (or lost savings) by person by department. Reports will be run minimally on a quarterly basis to benchmark our success as a campus. The reports will include cost savings as well as lost cost savings opportunities when an alternative was not selected. These reports will be provided to the Dean’s, Department Leaders, Provost and the Chancellor.


We strongly encourage the selection of all lower cost alternative items.


Please contact Holly Fern if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Your feedback is very important.


Holly Fern, Procurement Administrative Assistant
Phone: 508 999-8055
Fax: 508 999-8997
Email: holly.fern@umassd.edu





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