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Budget Office Update

FY13 Budget

The FY13 budget will be finalized by the end of December.  As part of this year's budget, a critical hiring needs process was implemented.  This process allows for an in depth review of position requests and ensures resources are being used strategically.  Upon finalization of the FY13 budget, the budget office will be constructing the FY13 budget book that will be distributed to budget managers.  

FY14 Budget

During the November / December timeframe, the Budget Office receives enrollment projections from Academic Affairs.  Institutional Research and Academic Affairs are actively working to refine the FY14 Enrollment projections.  Within the next few months, the President’s Office will provide guidelines to be used in preparation of the FY14 fee requests.  Using the finalized enrollment projections and rate assumptions, the Budget Office will begin to project revenues for the FY14 Budget and will develop a draft gold book with both serving as a platform to begin budget discussions.