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Endowed Gifts

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The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.
-Marcus Aurelius

There are many ways to create a lasting legacy at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. By establishing an endowed gift, you have the unique ability to help students and faculty in perpetuity.

Endowed gifts transform the lives of students each and every year. Some endowed gifts remove the financial barriers so that students can attend UMass Dartmouth while others ensure that top professors remain at UMass Dartmouth to teach the next generation of students.

Gifts can be endowed over a period of up to five years with distributions occurring after the fund is fully endowed.

There are many opportunities but the list below provides some basic frameworks of potential endowment possibilities:

University Chair - $2,500,000
A position established to recognize a professor who is pre-eminent in his or her discipline.

Department Head Chair - $1,500,000
A position to recognize the outstanding commitment that faculty make to head a department.

Endowed Professorship - $1,000,000
A position established to recognize an outstanding faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding success in research and/or teaching.


Full Scholarship - $250,000
Minimum Endowment Scholarship Level - $25,000