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The Campanile Society

Campanile Society page ImageIn the fall of 2009, the Campanile Society was established to recognize donors who support the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth through a bequest, life income gift, retirement plan (IRA, 401(k), 403(b)), life insurance policy, real estate gift, and other estate intentions.

We wish to express our deepest appreciate to members of the Society for their commitment to UMass and for carrying on the legacy of UMass Dartmouth.

For more information about the Campanile Society, or to become a member, please contact Carolyn Flynn, Director of Gift Planning, at (877) 775-1992 or ogp@umassd.edu.

Campanile Society Members

Samuel and Adele Ades*
Mr. Harold R. Bannister '35*
Mr. Joseph J. Baptista *
Ms. Helen S. Bochenek*
Mr. Omer E. Boivin*
Professor John E. Bush
Mrs. Marion M. Chace*
Mr. Earle P. Charlton II
Ms. Norma B. Duvally*
Mary Viscountess Eccles '01*
Mr. Morris Horvitz, Jr.*
Mr. Joseph W. Houth '24*
Mr. Robert B. Keigher*
Mr. Roger Kizik
Mrs. Karen G. Lloyd '86*
Dr. Jean F. MacCormack
Mr. William D. MacKenzie*
Mr. Walter S. MacPhail '36, '55*
Ms. Kitty Mathews*
Mrs. Joann F. Melendes
Mr. Dwight F. Mowery*
Mrs. Suzanne Mowery*
Ms. Donna M. O'Connor '78*
Mr. Gordon Osborne*
Mr. Jose L. Paste*
Mrs. Claire D. Picard*
Ms. Irene C. Pisarczyk*
Ms. Alvida Quill*
Mr. Donald H. Ramsbottom
Ms. Claire N. Riley*
Mr. Edward J. Ryan*
Mrs. Evelyn B. Sacknoff
Mr. Philip Sacknoff*
Ms. Ada A. Scarpitti*
Dr. Roger N. Violette '99*
Ms. Mary Louise Walsh '87*
Mr. Donald G. '60, '70 and Mrs. Sandra Wood
Mr. Clement L. Yaeger*