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Throughout its history, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has strived to eliminate the financial barriers for students who otherwise could not attend college.  UMass Dartmouth is affordable and competitive, producing remarkably qualified students with great cost efficiency. 

As the average tuition for private four year universities continues to climb, UMass Dartmouth offers an economically advantageous, quality education to students.  Still, tuition and fees account for more than 15% of the average family income for a student at UMass Dartmouth.  With room and board, this percentage increases to more than 31% and does not take into account parents with more than one child in college.

Average Family Income of UMass Dartmouth Student 
Tuition and Fees at 4-Year Private College (US average)    
Tuition and Fees at UMass Dartmouth 
 $10,358 (in-state)
Tuition/Fees plus Room and Board at UMass Dartmouth   $19,728   (in-state)

As more than 60% of UMass Dartmouth students are first generation students (i.e. – the first in the family’s history to attend college), this type of investment is daunting.  Most parents want more for their children than they had, but 31% is a staggering commitment for anyone who hasn’t experienced the benefits of a college education.  Overall, 67% of Massachusetts residents apply for financial aid from UMass Dartmouth each year.

To help these families, UMass Dartmouth awards more than $15 million in financial aid (scholarships, grants, fee waivers, etc...) annually.  Students may also for apply loans and work study from the government, but this isn’t nearly enough.  More than 76% of undergraduate students graduate from UMass Dartmouth with an average debt of $18,900 (or roughly two years of tuition and fees).

It is unacceptable for UMass Dartmouth to lose talented students because of affordability.  For UMass Dartmouth to retain its stature as a world class university that is within reach, it must be able to populate its classes with the most qualified students, regardless of their financial means.  Endowed scholarships provide the solution.

How an Endowment Works

An endowed scholarship fund can be established with a minimum contribution of $25,000 which may be paid in increments over a period of up to five years.  With approximately 4% of the principal awarded as scholarships each year (a policy established by the UMass Board of Trustees), your support will significantly impact a student’s ability to attend UMass Dartmouth.  Additional contributions can be made to scholarship funds at any time, thereby increasing the principal and the revenue available to students. 

Specific criteria cannot restrict scholarship awards but donors may state a preference for the use of funds.  For example, preference for scholarship awards can be given to a Fall River resident but should there be no Fall River student at UMass Dartmouth in a given year, the University retains the right to award the scholarship to another deserving student.  

The staff of the Advancement Office is available to discuss your interests and draft scholarship fund terms that will indicate the preferences of the award, funding intentions of the donor, and the institution’s endowment spending policy.  To ensure that the terms will be honored, the document will carry your signature and that of a UMass Dartmouth representative so that future administrators can be guided by your original intentions.

Term Scholarships

For individuals interested in donating scholarship funds for immediate use, term scholarship funds provide a great opportunity to have an instant impact on a student’s education.  To establish a named Term Scholarship, a donor must commit to two-years at $1,000 per year.  Similar to an endowed scholarship fund, a donor may state preferences for scholarship awards.   

Contact Information

If you share the conviction of making a college education available to everyone, please consider endowing a scholarship at UMass Dartmouth.  For more information on establishing a scholarship contact the Advancement Office at (508) 999-8200.