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 Why Should I Donate to UMass Dartmouth?

Why donate page imageUMass Dartmouth transforms lives. Historically, a college education provides opportunities that are not available to individuals who only possess a high school diploma. At UMass Dartmouth, more than 60% of our students are the first in their family to attend college. For these families, it is an investment and the path to a better life. Individuals with a college degree earn nearly double the annual salary of a person with a high school diploma.

Perhaps less well-known, but equally important, are the rewards that accrue to all of society as a state's overall education level rises. Studies indicate that the benefits of a well educated individual include, but are not limited to, decreased reliance on public assistance, increased tax revenues, lower demands on the criminal justice system, greater civic participation, better health status through improved lifestyle choices, improved parenting skills, increased entrepreneurial activity, and increased access to and use of computers and the Internet.

In short, your support helps individuals but also society at large.