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 Why Donate to UMass Dartmouth


Frequently Asked Questions

I pay taxes so don't I already support UMass Dartmouth?

State and federal taxes support a great deal of charitable organizations including hospitals, social services, museums, cultural institutions, private universities, public universities, etc... Some of this support is allocated and some is received through grants.

What percentage of UMass Dartmouth's budget is supported by the Commonwealth?

Roughly 19% of UMass Dartmouth's budget is provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Twenty years ago, the percentage was as high as 72% but support for higher education has dropped precipitously over the years.

What is the greatest area of need?

The UMass Dartmouth Annual Fund provides the greatest flexibility allows UMass Dartmouth to address the greatest needs year to year.

Can I restrict my gift to an area or program that I feel passionate about?

Of course! We are happy to designate your gift to a College, Academic Program, Athletics, etc... Simply, there are many areas that need support on campus and we will gladly accommodate your requests.

Does my gift of $25 really matter?

Absolutely! Alumni involvement is critical on many levels. The more individuals who give, the more successful UMass Dartmouth will be. Your gift not only validates the value of your own education but serves as an investment in UMass Dartmouth's reputation, thus improving the value of your own degree. Additionally, foundations often look at alumni participation as an indicator of success. In short, a small investment can have a multiplying effect.