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Thomas Daigle, Director ARC/SSS
Liberal Arts / LARTS, Room 007
Phone: 508-999-8709
Fax: 508-910-6406

Corinne Cortes, Program Secretary
Liberal Arts / LARTS, Room 005
Phone: 508-999-8709
Fax: 508-910-6406

Robbin Roy, Outreach Counselor
Liberal Arts / LARTS, Room 010A
Phone: 508-910-6866
Fax: 508-910-6406

Amy Parelman, Director
Writing & Reading Center
Liberal Arts / LARTS, Room 220A
Phone: 508-999-8710
Fax: 508-910-6406

Sokratis Koumas, Director
Math & Business Center
Liberal Arts/ LARTS, Room 008
Phone: 508-999-8716
Fax: 508-910-6406

John Fernandes, Director
Science & Engineering Center
Science & Engineering / SENG, Room 217B
Phone: 508-999-8718
Fax: 508-910-6687





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