Business Innovation Research Center

Creating value for SouthCoast businesses

The Business Innovation Research Center (BIRC) helps businesses create value for customers and stakeholders by improving their performance through research, innovation, and applications. BIRC serves as a research center for businesses in SouthCoast Massachusetts by:

  • sponsoring programs, seminars, and courses in emerging business theory and practice
  • promoting innovative business research and applications

We facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices among our business partners, faculty, students, and business experts through workshops, focused group meetings, seminars, panel meetings, and roundtable conferences.

Educational & research opportunities

BIRC creates educational and research opportunities for the region, our sponsor companies, students, and faculty. We promote intellectual activities in the Charlton College of Business through:

  • conferences/workshops/executive forums
  • joint publications that encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • grant activity
  • journal articles
  • student research

Partnerships & funding

BIRC fosters interdisciplinary partnerships—throughout the region and across the world—to seek funding for innovative research projects. We seek corporate, private foundation, and government funding to support research projects in response to the needs of regional industries.

Regional priorities

A primary focus of BIRC is to bring the intellectual resources of the Charlton College of Business and UMass Dartmouth's other colleges to work on applied research projects that benefit SouthCoast companies. Local industries in services, marine, and manufacturing are the main stakeholders of center activities. As a leader in business innovation, BIRC:

  • prioritizes the region's small- to medium-sized enterprises, a significant part of the economy of SouthCoast Massachusetts
  • conducts periodic meetings with local companies to share best practices, identify research topics, and disseminate cutting-edge thinking
  • works closely with other centers such as the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), local Chambers of Commerce, and other regional networks

Business innovation

BIRC provides research opportunities in business innovation to students and academics:

  • identifying emerging research topics
  • focusing on enterprise network environments
  • encouraging multidisciplinary teams and resources
  • bringing together researchers and practitioners from other universities and research institutions