The Boivin Center would like to thank all the guests who made "A Taste of Senegal" such a rousing success.  The Center would especially like to thank Paul & Dixon Insurance, Michelle Cheyne, Sean Rooney, Simone Sirois, the catering staff, and Cynthia Yoken for making this event possible. 

The touching tribute to the memory of John A. Rassias, a lifetime honorary member of the Boivin Center and the founder of the Rassias method for teaching languages, was quite fitting.  His daughter, Hélène Rassias-Miles, who was in attendance, spoke of her father's love of sharing culture as part of teaching languages.  She was especially happy to see UMass Dartmouth students at the event.

Pierre Thiam was an excellent guest lecturer.  In addition to making his mango fonio salad for the guests to savor, he shared numerous stories about food preparation and the ingredients used in his native Senegal.  He explained how many foods served in the southern states have their roots in Africa.  His stories of "teranga" or African hospitality were heartwarming. His sincerity and graciousness delighted every one.

The hors d'oeuvres made from Chef Thiam's recipes were delicious.  Good food and good company made for an exceptionally memorable evening.

Annie Royer and Les Garçons Musettes holiday concert

The holiday concert featuring Annie Royer and Les Garçons Musettes is co-sponsored with the Claire T. Carney Library Associates. This event will take place on Sunday, December 11th at 2PM. The cost of the event is $10. Parking is avaliable in lots 6,7, and 8.Umass Dartmouth students with proper ID will be admitted free of charge.

Annie Royer, a native of Paris, has been entertaining audiences with her musical and dramatic talent on both sides of the Atlantic. Les Garçons Musettes often perform with this extraordinary entertainer.  It is an afternoon which is sure to entertain.

For futher information, please contact Maria Sanguinetti at or at 508-991-5096

Past events

Illustrious individuals who have honored the Boivin Center with their presence

  • 1986: Alice Parizeau, Lucie Therrien
  • 1988: Jean-François Somain
  • 1989: Roch Carrier, Roger Violette, Omer Boivin, Lois Pines
  • 1991: Pierre Capretz, Dr.Gaëtan Brulotte
  • 1992: Brian Thompson, Gérard Le Tendre, Jacques Borel
  • 1993: Naïm Kattan
  • 1994: Alice Dawn, Albert Coté, Maxime LeForestier, Serge Kerval, Richard Wilbur, Peter Sandler
  • 1996: Dr. Madamou Soumaré, Normand Demers, Jacques Parizeau
  • 1997: Frederick Wiseman, Annie Royer, Patrick Noe, Misha DeFonseca
  • 1999: Nicole Brossard, Helene Dorion, Francine du Plessix Gray
  • 2000: Julia Child
  • 2001: Pierre de Boisdeffre, Stephane Chemlewsky, Frédéric Martel, Lisa Gossels
  • 2002: Anne-Christine Rice, Le Grand Dérangement, Marie-Claire Blais, Senator Paul Simon
  • 2003: Prof. William Carter, Marcel Marceau, Polly Platt, Maia Weschler
  • 2004: Prof. John Rassias, Prof. Adam Braver, Véronique Mistycki, Timothy Mooney
  • 2005: Prof. Emmanuel Dongala, David Plante, Lucie Therrien, Josée Vachon
  • 2006: Prof. Patrick Henry, Richard Hétu
  • 2007: Claudia Hommel, Bob Moreen, Jean-Claude Baker
  • 2008: Sophie Freud, Frédérique Hébrard, Louis Velle
  • 2009: Florence Delay, John De Mado
  • 2010: David Slavitt, Ruth Hartz, Margo Moore
  • 2011: Linda Urbach
  • 2012: Joan Nathan, French Cajun Celebration
  • 2013: Charles Rearick, Sophie Michaux and Artem Belogurov
  • 2014: Kathleen Turner, Guila Clara Kessous, Dr. Jeremiah J. Lowney Jr., Dr. Laura Morelli, Eric Vincent
  • 2015: Jacques Pépin, Sarah Lew Miller, Joyce Lazarus, Mo Willems, Kate Betts, Lucie Therrien and Josée Vachon
  • 2016: Valéry Freland, François Furstenberg,Pierre Thiam