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Campus Services Center / UMass Pass

Phone:  508.999.8134

Fax: 508.999.9165

Campus Store

Phone:  508.999.8190

Fax: 508.999.6881

Conferencing and Events

Phone: 508.999.8143

Fax: 508.910.6518

Dining Services

Phone:  508.999.8147

Mail Services

Phone:  508.999.8065

Mail Services for Students

Phone:  508.999.8075

Meal Plans

Phone: 508.910.6440

Fax: 508.999.8626

Email: campusservices@umassd.edu

Parking Services

Phone (Decals):  508.999.8121

Phone (Tickets): 508.999.8131

Email:  parking@umassd.edu

Print Shop

Phone:  508.999.8063 and 508.999.8064

Fax:  508.999.8078


Phone:  508.999.9175

Email:  transportation@umassd.edu

UMass Pass / Campus Services Center

Phone:  508.999.8134