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Center for Policy Analysis

Panoramic view of campus from the library-gym walkway, with students on the path and the campanile on the left.


Director: Clyde W. Barrow, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Development
  • Gaming Research
  • Program Evaluation
  • Public Opinion Polling
  • Industry and Economic Base Analysis
  • Public Management
  • Environmental Policy
  • Educational Policy and Leadership


Governance and Staffing

Hiring the Center for Policy Analysis


The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Policy Analysis, established in 1983, is a multidisciplinary research unit that promotes economic, social, and political development by providing research and technical assistance to client organizations. The Center for Policy Analysis offers custom-designed research and technical analysis in the areas of economic development, public management, program evaluation, and public opinion research for government agencies, non-profit organizations, private businesses, and educational institutions. The Center for Policy Analysis strives to erode the walls between research and teaching by training students in the techniques of applied social science and by conducting university and community based educational programs. The Center for Policy Analysis does not pursue a predetermined research agenda, but is a flexible research organization responding on a timely basis to the problems and issues identified by client agencies.

Governance and Staffing

The Center for Policy Analysis consists of a Director, ten Senior Research Associates, one Adjunct Research Associate, and several undergraduate and graduate research assistants. Click here for more information about the Center's staff and boards.

The Center is organized into five divisions and three projects.



Each division or project is headed by an individual who specializes in that area of research and who has several years' experience in conducting applied research for government, business, or educational agencies. The Center's Research Associates are drawn primarily from faculty of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, but when necessary the Center is authorized to appoint adjunct research associates from throughout the University of Massachusetts System, from other public and private colleges, and to appoint private sector specialists. The Center for Policy Analysis reports to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for administrative purposes, but the Center is governed by a 15-member Executive Board and is administered on a day-to-day basis by the Director.

Click here for CFPA's Organizational Chart

Hiring the Center for Policy Analysis

Prospective clients may negotiate a scope of services and a price directly with the Center for Policy Analysis. Similarly, Massachusetts state agencies may enter into Interagency Service Agreements with the Center for Policy Analysis. For further information, please contact Clyde Barrow at cbarrow@umassd.edu or David Borges at dborges@umassd.edu.

  • Industry and Economic Base Analysis





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