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Environmental Programs at UMD


The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offers courses and programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level that emphasize or include environmental policy issues.  These programs are offered in various colleges and departments across the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the UMass system, highlighting the various topics and subject areas that fall under the purview of environmental policy.



Environmental Policy Certificate Program The Environmental Policy Certificate offers students an opportunity to obtain  advanced skills and professional certification in policy formulation and implementation with an emphasis in enviromental topics.  

Master's in Public Policy (Environmental Policy concentration) The Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a professional degree acquired through the completion of 13 courses, with three or more courses taken under the environmental policy concentration area.

Integrated Coastal Management (UMass School of Marine Sciences) Integrated Coastal Management is an area of study focused on the regimes managing marine resources.  This study option builds upon coursework that includes environmental and natural resource management and policy and environmental, coastal and ocean law.

Sustainable Development Certificate Program The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Development (GCSD) is a practice-oriented certificate designed to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to articulate and integrate sustainable development into practical and professional applications.  An elective of this program focuses on environmental law and policy.




Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) Environmental science and environmental studies are not offered as established majors;  however, MDS allows students to create these majors by combining coursework in two or three disciplines.


Sustainability Studies Minor The Sustainability Studies Minor is amultidisciplinary approach where students cultivate an understanding of the theory and practical skills of sustainability.  A part of this minor is comprehending the societal applications of environmental policy.

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