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Division of Public and Non-Profit Management


The Division of Public and Non-Profit Management specializes in analyzing the organizational, financial, and strategic management issues confronting public and non-profit organizations. It works with a variety of municipal and non-profit organizations, including mayors' offices, boards of selectmen, school committees, housing authorities, and non-profit organizations.

The following is a list of projects conducted by the Center for Policy Analysis on behalf of various groups and agencies since 2003, most of which are available online in PDF format by clicking the link. SouthCoast Signals reports, which fall under the Division of Public Management, can be found on the SouthCoast Signals Project  page.

Please visit the Division of Public and Non-Profit Management Archive page for reports written prior to 2003.

The Fiscal Impacts of a Circuit City on the Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts

Public Management Research Series No. 43
January 2008
Sponsors: Berkshire Development, LLC

Project Description: A fiscal impact analysis of the proposed development of a Circuit City store in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Narragansett Indian Casino: The Fiscal & Economic Impact of Constitutionally Mandated Property Tax Relief in Rhode Island

Public Management Research Series No. 40
September 2006
Sponsors: Rhode Island Building Trades

Project Description: The purpose of this study is to estimate the potential fiscal and economic impact of the constitutionally mandated property tax relief accruing to Rhode Island citizens if a casino for West Warwick, Rhode Island was approved by voters in the November 2006 general election.

Fiscal Impact Analysis of a West Warwick Casino

Public Management Research Series 39
May 2006
Sponsor: Center for Policy Analysis

Project Description: The purpose of this report is to update the Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) "slippage" estimates contained in an earlier (2004) fiscal impact analysis of a resort casino proposed for West Warwick, Rhode Island. The results of the original fiscal impact analysis was presented in a report, "Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis for a West Warwick Resort Casino," that was submitted to the Rhode Island State Senate in May 2004. The purpose of the updated estimate is to provide an independent fiscal impact analysis of the proposed resort casino that takes into account changes since 2004.

Home for the Aged People in Fall River, Inc.: A Strategic Plan

Public Management Research Series No. 38
February 2006
Sponsor: Home for the Aged People in Fall River, Inc.

Project Description: A strategic plan for the Home for the Aged People in Fall River, Inc.

Marion 2015: A Report to the Town of Marion Board of Selectmen

Public Management Research Series No. 37
April 2006
Sponsor: Center for Policy Analysis

Project Description: The Marion 2015 Task Force was officially charged on March 9, 2004 by the Board of Selectmen with developing "...a 10-Year Plan for the Town of Marion that identifies a consensus vision for how we want our town to look in ten years and provides a guide for getting there."

It was stipulated that the ten-year plan would be "a continuation of prior planning efforts" that built upon the goals established by the 1996 Growth Management Committee and the subsequent planning efforts of other town committees and departments. The report includes 59 recommendations that are designed to preserve the town's affordability, diversity, character, and fiscal stability.

Portuguese-Americans in the Massachusetts Power Structure: A Positional Analysis

Public Management Research Series No. 36
September 2005
Sponsor: Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture

There are significant concentrations of Portuguese-Americans in Massachusetts, but despite their presence in the state for more than eight decades there is not a single study that analyzes their political and cultural power in the state. This study is a preliminary effort to fill that lacuna that draws on the theory of ethnic succession and the methodology of power structure analysis.

Westport Municipal Management: A Report to the Westport Board of Selectmen

Municipal Research Series No. 35
July 2005
Sponsor: Westport Board of Selectmen

Project Description: The study analyzes the municipal management structure of Westport,Massachusetts in comparison to national standards and five peer communities in Massachusetts. Includes recommendations for the reorganization of town management.

Proposed Organizational Chart
Proposed Elected Boards, Commissions, and Department Heads

The Fiscal Impacts of a Proposed Shopping Center in Tiverton, RI: A Preliminary Estimate

Municipal Research Series No. 33
September 2004
Sponsor: First Bristol Corporation

Project Description: Preliminary fiscal impact analysis of a 750,000 square-foot shopping center proposed for Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Town of Dartmouth - Public Works Efficiency, Productivity, & Fiscal Effort Analysis

Municipal Research Series No. 29
April 2003
Sponsor: Town of Dartmouth

Project Description: The study measures the relative efficiency and productivity of the Dartmouth Public Works Department against that of comparable peer communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Based on a variety of factors, the peer communities used for comparison are Amherst, Andover, Billerica, Falmouth, and Gloucester.