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About SPEC






Colloquium Series

Social Policy, Education and Curriculum [SPEC] is a Research Division of the Center for Policy Analysis, which is based in the School of Education, Public Policy, and Civic Engagement at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

SPEC is dedicated to scientific research and advanced training in the fields of social, educational, and curriculum policy, including both the applied and theoretical aspects of these fields.

SPEC seeks to break down the boundaries between disciplines, campuses, and nations by coordinating a group of national and international researchers, including:

  • sociologists
  • economists
  • lawyers
  • anthropologists
  • historians
  • specialists in the various sub-fields of education, i.e. literature, cultural and international relations
  • geographers
  • architects
  • engineers
  • cineastes
  • poets
  • biologists
  • physicians
  • unionists
  • activists 
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