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Colloquium Series

Social Policy, Education and Curriculum [SPEC] provides critical transformative research in the field of education and curriculum policy.

SPEC encourages research exploring the tensions between western hegemonic and counter-hegemonic, as well as non-western dominant and counter dominant epistemologies that inform educational and curriculum policies and theory.

The research division welcomes research projects that deepen our understanding of social policy, education and curriculum theory both historically and within the current global neoliberal paradigm. We engage in research covering a myriad of issues, such as:

  • the examination of policy and theory within the dynamics of ideological production
  • new theoretical forms to understand education and curriculum fields
  • itinerant curriculum theory
  • privatization of education, and the limits and possibilities of critical educational policy and practice in a time of conservative restoration
  • political economy of education
  • critical race theory
  • policy formation
  • language and policy
  • policy literacy
  • indigenous knowledge’s and methodologies.

SPEC aims to provide cutting edge research that helps defend social and cognitive justice, democracy, and equality in society.


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