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Regulatory Agencies and Professional Associations

cfpafinalogoThe links provided below contain information regarding laws and regulatory gaming agencies in the United States.

Gambling Law US


Text and analysis of all federal, state, and charitable gaming statutes in the United States.

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act


Full text of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. 

International Association of Gaming Regulators


IAGR is an organization of gaming regulators from around the world who communicate on a continuing basis about matters of common interest and convene annually at a formal meeting.

National Center for Responsible Gaming


NCRG is committed to funding research that seeks to identify the risk factors for gambling disorders and to determine methods for both treating and preventing gambling disorders.

National Council of Legislators from Gaming States


(NCLGS) is the only organization of state lawmakers that meets on a regular basis to discuss gaming issues.  Members of NCLGS chair or are members of committees responsible for the regulation of gaming in their state legislatures.  NCLGS does not promote or oppose gaming but is primarily concerned with the proper regulation of the industry.  In 1999-2000, NCLGS sponsored the Public Sector Gaming Study Commission, a specially constituted national commission of state and local government leaders to study the social and economic impact of gaming.

National Indian Gaming Commission


The Commission’s primary mission is to regulate gaming activities on Indian lands for the purpose of shielding Indian tribes from organized crime and other corrupting influences; to ensure that Indian tribes are the primary beneficiaries of gaming revenue; and to assure that gaming is conducted fairly and honestly by both operators and players.

North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries


NASPL was founded in 1971.  It is a non-profit professional association representing 50 lottery organizations in the United States and Canada.  Links to numerous gaming studies, including studies of problem gambling.

North American Gaming Regulators Association


A non-profit professional association of gaming regulators throughout North America.

State Gaming Agencies


Comprehensive list and links to all state gaming regulatory agencies.U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairshttp://www.doi.gov/bureau-indian-affairs.html

U.S. Securities & Commission


Search the EDGAR database for Form 10-K filings by gaming companies with publicly traded securities.