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The Buzzards Bay Writing Project

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Nantucket Soundings 2009

 Buzzards Bay Writing Project (BBWP) held its Nantucket Soundings Retreat in February. Twenty writers and their friends spent four days on the island at the University of Massachusetts Field Station and Gouin Village condos during the February school vacation. This year's retreat featured an optional extra day for writing and enjoying the island. Also included at the retreat were independent and response groups as well as recently added critique groups in both prose and poetry. All arrived with writings that addressed this year's topic, balance which were shared among all the writers. The group gathered the first night to share a communal dinner featuring homemade soups by Dottie and Russ. The following night we ventured out to sample the fare at The Starlight Theatre & Café. 

This retreat is sponsored by BBWP and is open to all. For more details, visit our Archived Nantucket Soudings Application  (pdf). 

Please enjoy the pictures (new ones to follow soon) and sample the writings.

Writing Samples

"A note from the chaos" a poem by BBWP director Kit Dunlap

Three poems by BBWP friend Bill Alberti

"Island" by Katia Cabral 

"Nantucket Basket" by Katherine Ventre

A message to the Buzzards from Diane Hartley


Photo Gallery

Gathering at the Condos


Pen and Prompt 


Above and Following 3 Photos: Writing at the Field Station






Working Together

Gathering Inspiration 


Candlelight Dinner 

Above and following 4 photos: Gathering for dinner 










Friends at UMass Condos 

I'm a little teapot...


...short and stout 

Duet from Katherine and Bill


Dinner at the Starlight

Sharing our Writing on the Ferry 

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