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The Buzzards Bay Writing Project

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To all of you "Buzzards"


Thanks for welcoming me into your writing community during this Nantucket Soundings Retreat.  My basket is brimming with your words, inspiration, humor, compassion, and "close-legged" PASSION.

Ruth, thanks for organizing all the paperwork and keeping me informed through e-mail. I'll be sure to let Lori know you send your regards.

Shelley, who knew your smart and argumentative childhood would lead to a lifetime chocker block full of wit and wisdom, knowing far more than the warmth and leisure of a sunbathed afternoon?

Sherrill, long live the sisterhood of Toushettes! BTW: THAT is one provocative, wild running finger of yours!  

Donna, your smile brightens every room you enter.

Steph, enjoy memories of Worchester's cousin-filled porches, and never experience the sadness of pouring heartache into YOUR coffee.

Mary:  Expectation forces me to peer within.  [not just that window]

Bill, Thanks for the Tom's Leg acronym and the nifty visuals for teaching leads. Your passion for teaching burns through the screen of retirement.
Also, thank you for demonstrating how poets take every opportunity to gaze into their worlds and capture magical moments.
If I hear your name, I will think of you OUTSIDE, balancing the universal seesaw.

Emily, I'm glad your pen's enema released a stream of humor, not the other stuff. It was uplifting to hear the shift in your voice.  Something tells me that, like your mom, there's room in your heart for all.

Frances, enjoy your rides on Sweet Susan after those bedeviling bad days.

Jean, Kathy, and I also know the release a good ride provides, whether on two wheels, eight wheels, or four legs.

Joe, Sorry I didn't get to say good-bye.  Good thing I got my hello hug.  Your daughter's safe return is in my prayers.

Cynthia "the sun's orange eye gazing through lashes of bared branches" -Wow! Every line you write is phenomenal

Katia, Your irreverence is refreshing!  What was that about Ferdinand?

David, your winking cynicism is ALMOST "wicked". Is Marion really a constipated town?

Dorothea, unlike those daughters you placed in Hopper's intersected house, you have COURAGE, just one of many attributes.  Thank you for sharing your poetry and your love of life. 

Kit, your efficiency in planning retreats and commandeering "Buzzards" is just playful practice for what you do with written language.

Katherine, I'll certainly be careful about hanging my black hat in the broom closet!  I truly enjoyed your play with the play.

Russell, I found Jane from Wisconsin's earrings.  She must have left them on Nantucket. Hey, She might have been visiting her cousin, the girl from Nantucket.  Anyway, as you can see, Jane's earings are safely guarded by her dog, which will certainly keep you at bay.

I can see the gap-toothed grimace of Hopper's abandoned mill and barber pole leaning into its own shadow.  Thanks for the images... and you, a gym teacher-certainly poetry in motion.

Mary, I bet those twins are the same age too.

Until we write again,


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