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The Buzzards Bay Writing Project

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A note from the chaos

it's a sometimes tilt-a-whirl world

lights a blur of color in the dark

metallic music overlapping

the cicadas and spring peepers


an out of kilter place

where the midway entices

tin can alley, spill the milk bottles

a place where I don the straw hat of a carnie


and yet when funnel cakes

and cotton candy

lose their sweetness


when mornings are trash strewn

and clowns have erased their faces


in other words

when I stumble into daylight

after nights of revelry


where then is the still point

a focus to find

a direction to locate


in the back of my brain

a doo-wop ad plays

The Great Pretender


I want nothing more

than to float away

on the buoyancy of the blues


to sit at the feet of a sage

who will teach me

the lesson of the red sun

that rolls to edge of the world

and balances on the horizon


abbreviated equilibrium

an almost moment of clarity

a moment to center

like thrown clay

spinning on the wheel



I'll tiptoe the keyboard

of a jazz piano

while the saxophone catches strobes


morph into improv


I'll assume the crane position

embrace the moon


and let the silence of stars

fall on my shoulders

like rain



K Dunlap
February 2008

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