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The Buzzards Bay Writing Project

a National Writing Project site

(a response to Mary Oliver's "Work")

I am 360 degrees of a color palette
which refuses false hues.
Nothing built too high to obstruct the view
or tunnels which disturb my foundation - the sea.

I am a bauble in the Atlantic,
canopied by jeweled air
laden with dreams and
mirrored by my water home.

My whispering grasses
and thorny scrabble are
the fabric of my soul,
a unique weave - silent and strong.

I listen to the stories
of the ancients,
sung by feathered life and
carried by the ceaseless winds.

The song remains the same
danced by dueling gulls
to primitive melodies.
I stand alone.

I play, I caress, I launch.
In a world colored by complexity
I am a simple poem.
I stand alone.
I stand alone.
I stand alone.

Katia Cabral

Buzzards Bay Writing Project

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