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The Buzzards Bay Writing Project

a National Writing Project site

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) information

The Buzzards Bay Writing Project is eligible for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) funding under:

Title I, Part A

  • Professional development and mentoring programs for the Title I schools and teachers

Title II, Part A

  • Professional development for helping teachers meet NCLB requirements
  • Professional development in subject-matter knowledge, improving teaching skills, assisting teachers to use Massachusetts' academic content standards and student achievements. This section specifically authorizes use of funds for the following activities related to improving teacher quality:
    • Partnerships with nonprofit entities through grants or contracts to provide professional development activities, coursework, test preparation and testing.
    • High-quality professional development and training in core content knowledge and effective instructional strategies, methods and skills
    • Teacher mentoring, induction, and support programs for new teachers
    • Training in the use of technology for instruction and analyzing achievement data
    • Bonuses and reimbursement for coursework for advanced degrees or certification
    • Bonuses and reimbursement for coursework for teacher certification in areas of high need

Title II, Part D

  • Professional development focused on enhancing education through technology

Title III, Part A

  • Professional development focused on improving instruction for English learners

Buzzards Bay Writing Project

BBWP Brochure (pdf)

Seaquestered Brochure (pdf)

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Request for Funding (pdf)


1 Summer 2008  (pdf)

2 Fall 2008 (pdf)

3 Winter 2008-2009 (pdf)

4 Spring 2009 (pdf)