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The Buzzards Bay Writing Project

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Professional Development Offerings

The Buzzards Bay Writing Project offers professional development programs for teachers based on research, shared practice, and continuous reflection on their teaching. All offerings are hands-on, interactive seminars that engage the teachers as learners. All offerings can take place on site in your district. Participants who meet program and attendance requirements can receive PDPs from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.


Writing Across the Curriculum/Making Writing Work in all Classrooms

This seminar is designed for teachers in all subject areas who would like to make writing an integral part of the learning process. Topics include writing-to-learn strategies, reading and responding to student work, assessing student writing and mastering the details of managing a writing program. This course is taught in a workshop format that allows time for the sharing of ideas, the designing of writing techniques to immediately implement in the classroom, personal writing and reflection, and the chance to receive feedback and guidance.

Writing in the Sciences

This seminar is designed for teachers in all grade levels who work with science in their classrooms. Participants are shown effective ways to use writing to expand their students' knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and projects. This course is taught in workshop format, and includes writing-to-learn strategies, reading and responding to student work, and assessing student writing.

Engaging Minds; Thinking, Reading and Writing Strategies for Open Response

Designed for teachers in all subject areas who wish to deepen the learning experience of their students by improving reading and writing strategies. This seminar includes an introduction to the use of NCS Mentor for MCAS, a computer-based professional development tool that allows educators to learn how to score student responses to MCAS open response questions and composition writing programs.  

The New Teacher Seminar

Especially designed for teachers. The seminar models best practices and emphasizes reflective writing and discussion. It includes workshops on instructional strategies, provides valuable support groups for discussion and sharing of ideas, and provides mentoring by experienced teachers. Topics covered include classroom management, writing to learn, strategies for diverse learners, assessment and grading, technology, curriculum frameworks, MCAS, and professional standards.

Technology in the Classroom

Designed with the premise that technology and literacy go hand in hand. It gives teachers the opportunity to try out technologies such as PowerPoint, desktop publishing software and on-line tools to enhance writing instruction in their classrooms. Teachers learn how to publish student writing, to conduct Internet research, and to use presentation tools to give voice and movement to the written word.

Professional Development: Philosophy and Formats

Professional development programs emphasize a "teacher teaching teachers" model, engaging teachers in the learning process, and empowering them with the latest research and teaching strategies they can implement in their classroom immediately.

Our professional development model strives to build a collegial environment where teachers become expert learners and share their expertise with each other and with their students. Our aim is to support teacher leaders who will work together toward long-term change to transform school culture and classroom instructional practice.

Our professional development workshops are available in a variety of formats that enable us to choose the one that works best for your school or district. These formats include: Professional Days, After-School, Credit Courses, Demonstration Sessions, Summer Programs and Custom-Designed Workshops. Follow the link for more detailed information about our formats.


Procedures and Costs

Step One: Planning

Contact Diana Grady, BBWP Inservice/Professional Development Coordinator, at bbwp@umassd.edu to set up a planning meeting. This meeting can take place either in person or on the phone.

Diana will work with you to design a program that best meets your school's and your district's goals, and to secure the most qualified teacher consultants available for your chosen topics. She will also assist you in arranging dates, times, locations, and program details.

Step Two: Facilitation and Follow Up

After session arrangements are made, you will receive a contract. After completion of the program, or at specific points of the program if it lasts through many weeks, you will receive an invoice.

We always follow up our professional development with feedback from the participant evaluations and with the program facilitator. This allows us to make any necessary modifications in order to continue to provide top-notch professional development programs.

For more information about BBWP's professional development opportunities contact Diana Grady, BBWP Inservice/Professional Development Coordinator, at bbwp@umassd.edu.

For more information about BBWP, contact Director Kathryn Dunlap at kdunlap@umassd.edu.

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