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Education Links

Grants and other opportunities for Teachers
Earth as a System is Essential: Seasons and the Seas (EaSiE) Middle school science teachers are invited to work alongside NOAA scientists, educators, and the Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance to develop and pilot innovative curriculum units. Selected Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire middle school teachers will have the opportunity to work with NOAA partners.
Educational Resources
LearningMedia PBS and WGBH along with other PBS member stations have announced plans to launch PBS LearningMedia, a new public media education platform available to every teacher and student across the country in time for the 2011-2012 school year.
NSDC professional development standards The National Staff Development Councile (NSDC)'s professional development standards for teachers.
teach.gov "The U.S. Department of Education is announcing the launch of the TEACH campaign.  This exciting new initiative is ED's national effort to increase awareness of teaching as a valuable profession.  We will engage in activities designed to increase the number, quality, and diversity of candidates seeking to become teachers, particularly in high-need schools and subjects.  All of our students deserve the most talented, capable, and diverse teachers."
ELL 2.0: How to Make the Most of the Web A California educator who teaches English and social studies to English-language learners recommends several Internet resources that can enhance classroom learning.
Doing What Works This U.S. Department of Education website advises instructors on how to organize their teaching by providing guidance on effective teaching practices, review the research base, and access planning templates.
Thinkfinity This site delivers free online educational resources, including thousands of lesson plans, educational games, and activities.
Phoenix Mars Mission This page on the official Phoenix website has been designed with content by kids and for kids, including music, artwork and projects by kids involved or interested in the mission.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) FREE provides educators with lesson plans, primary documents, science visualizations, math challenges, literary works, paintings, music manuscripts and many other vital classroom resources. The tool also combines important educational elements culled from the Library of Congress, Smithsonian, National Science Foundation, NASA, National Archives and other federal agencies. By integrating these important agencies and resources, FREE is able to provide comprehensive lesson plans. For example, one such plan helps teachers integrate 100 of the most important documents in U.S. history in to class by providing a timeline covering the milestone documents along with in-depth descriptions.
The Teachers Domain Featuring public television content, Teachers' Domain provides multimedia classroom resources and professional development courses to K-12 educators. The Teachers' Domain is hosted by the WGBH Educational Foundation.
ECHO Project The New Bedford Oceanarium and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth are working together to increase and improve the educational opportunities for teachers and students, particularly those in under-served schools. The partners collaborate with classroom and content experts to develop and implement professional development opportunities and standards-based curricula that are embedded in research and meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind. Their work is guided by the understanding that with quality teaching, all students can be successful learners.
UMass Dartmouth
The James J. Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in Mathematics Education The Kaput Center at UMass Dartmouth has been established in the spirit and vision of James Kaput, whose innovative thinking and leadership inspired many in the field of mathematics education. The purpose of this Center is to provide a focus and support for sustained investigation of foundational issues in the field of mathematics education, issues that will be chosen to enhance and deepen ongoing research by its members and associates. The Center is a place where fundamental problems in mathematics education will be studied, discussed and analyzed through conferences, colloquium series, basic research and development, commissioned reports, and think-tank meetings.
Education Policy and Theory
A Broader, Bolder Approach to Education A new task force of national policy experts has launched this campaign to break a decades-long cycle of reform efforts that promised much and have achieved far too little. The members of the Task Force have come to agree that the policy embodied in the current No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law has failed. Their framework charges that the nation's education and youth development policy has erred by relying on school improvement alone to raise achievement levels of disadvantaged children. The release of the "Broader, Bolder" statement marks the beginning of a long-term effort to persuade federal, state and local policymakers to consider a more enriching framework as they work to support every child's education.
The Education Equality Project "A non-partisan coalition dedicated to ensuring that America finally bring equity to an educational system that continues to fail its highest needs students."
Articles and blogs of note
Lesson Plans
(New York Times blog)
"In Lesson Plans, a group of teachers chronicle their experiences during the first weeks of the school, offering first hand accounts of today's classroom challenges from diverse perspectives."
"For Education Chief, Stimulus Means Power, Money and Risk" "The $100 billion in emergency aid for public schools and colleges in the economic stimulus bill could transform Arne Duncan into an exceptional figure in the history of federal education policy: a secretary of education loaded with money and the power to spend large chunks of it as he sees fit."