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Journey into Education and Teaching

Cohort 2 Profile

Bristol Community College

The candidate quotes are excerpted from the personal statements they wrote as part of the application process, in answer to the question, "why do you want to teach?

indicates those who have transferred to the JET program at UMass Dartmouth and their UMD cohort number.

Fatima Benjamin: As an aspiring teacher, my intentions are to develop from each child. Jeannie Benvissuto: I feel as though teaching is my calling—to help lay the foundation in a positive way for the future education of children. It amazes me when what I have been teaching finally clicks and students "get it!"
Cohort 5 Cohort 4
Sherri Correia: Ultimately, I seek to create an energetic student-centered learning  environment where every student may thrive. Maria Dos Santos: My past experiences have instilled in me the desire to become an  elementary teacher.
Cohort 5  
Donna Frank Helen Gabriel: I am in my fifteenth years as a Paraprofessional. Now I look forward to the opportunity to focus on my education, and to use my many years of experience to become a teacher.
  Cohort 4
Bernadette Kelleher: I am currently working with children of severe to moderate special needs. I have expressed my desire be a teacher many times, and I feel very fortunate to be given this opportunity. Jennifer Nieves: My experiences with different schools and classrooms have given me  the insight to prepare me to become the teacher I eventually see myself being.
Cohort 4 Cohort 5
Penny Sullivan: I consider myself so fortunate to be able to go to work every day with children, and I enjoy it immensely. It is very rewarding to see them and have those "ah-ha!" moments when the learning clicks.  
Cohort 4