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Journey into Education and Teaching

Cohort 3 Profile

Bristol Community College

The candidate quotes are excerpted from the personal statements they wrote as part of the application process, in answer to the question, "why do you want to teach?

indicates those who have transferred to the JET program at UMass Dartmouth and their UMD cohort number.

Tara Anderson: I am an idealist and I believe that regardless of circumstances every student can learn. Sometimes the same lesson will have to be introduced ten different ways, ten different times, and that is okay. Monica Beres: The opportunity to be in the JET program will fulfill my lifelong goal of becoming a teacher, and serving children with challenging needs.
Cohort 4 Cohort 5
Ronda Ferreira: I look forward to the challenge of coming up with new ideas to keep children interested and eager to learn. Jolaine Mooney: When a new concept or idea "clicks" with a student and they become part of the learning process then I feel just as excited as they do.
Cohort 5  
Fanny Nieves: My decision to teach is very simple, kids need guidance and understanding and someone they can look up to and maybe someday they will get inspired to teach as well.
Connie Root: I have always loved children and enjoy seeing the personal growth of every child.
Cohort 5  
Sheila St. Michelle: I feel that working towards a degree in Elementary Education will greatly benefit my career and the children that I work with. Maria Teixeira: I feel I receive much more than I give when it comes to working with my students. I feel an abundance of pride when a child has mastered a goal they have been working towards achieving.
  Cohort 4
Dawn Tripp: My ultimate goal is to become a special needs teacher. Linda Zaunere: To make a positive change in a high need elementary school would be very rewarding.
Cohort 5 Cohort 5