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Journey into Education and Teaching

Cohort 2 Profile

UMass Dartmouth

The candidate quotes are excerpted from the personal statements they wrote as part of the application process, in answer to the question, "why do you want to teach?

indicates those who have transferred from the JET Program at Bristol Community College (BCC) and their BCC cohort number.

indicates those who have obtained their Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree from UMD and are currently pursuing their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degrees.

Elizabeth Dmitruk: I consider myself fortunate to have a job that I really love. I have met and worked with some wonderful educators as well as some remarkable students. Elizabeth Fisher: I find my job challenging and gratifying. When my students achieve success, I also feel a sense of accomplishment. BCC
  BA Aug '12   Cohort 1  BA Aug '12

Liane Frechette: I love helping kids and being in the classroom. Seeing an improvement in themselves and their performance is so rewarding.

Lisa Gemaly: I really enjoy coming to my job each and every day. I have always enjoyed working with children. BCC
   BA Dec '10    Cohort 1
Eleanor Hendricks: I am thankful to have been able to help the many children that I've worked with to reach their unique potential. Stacy Martin: When I see that light bulb go on in the eyes of a child I get so excited. I excited these students about math! Wow. That makes me so happy.
BA May '12 BA Aug '12
Joyce Melker: I want to free children from their stress over learning difficulties by providing specialized education to those who have the greatest need. Fernanda Noia: I am always learning new strategies to help students achieve higher learning goals, and to maintain composure during challenging and stressful situations. BCC
  BA May '12   Cohort 1  BA Aug '12
Kathy Pimental: With every teacher I work with, I draw from their own experiences in the classroom and take with me a variety of teaching techniques. Patrick Townson: I enjoy teaching and would like to further my education in the hopes of making it my lifelong career.
BA May '12 BA Aug '12
Melissa Weigel: I am excited to take on this challenge of going to school to learn about what I truly want to do. I love working in the public school system. Suzanne Welch: As a special education paraprofessional I have had the opportunity to work with students of various abilities. I have enjoyed this immensely.

BA May '12
Shannon Whitehead: I have very high respect for the teachers I have worked with. They have a way about them that they can change the lives of the children they work with.  
 Cohort 1