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Journey into Education and Teaching

Cohort 3 Profile

UMass Dartmouth

The quotes from the cohort members are excerpted from their responses to "Why do you want to become a teacher?" asked on the JET application.

indicates those who have transferred from the JET Program at Bristol Community College (BCC) and their BCC cohort number.

indicates those who have obtained their Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree from UMD and are currently pursuing their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degrees.

Lorraine Chasse: I hope to be an inspiration to my family as well as others. I truly love being part of children’s social growth and academic success. Anne Curry: Although at times the days can be difficult, I find by the end of the year it is a very rewarding experience.
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Bethann Fabianski: Being able to help students find a love of learning early in their school careers is not only humbling, but a privilege as well. Tracey Giasson: I would like to show my own child the importance of a college education and fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher.
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Alison Horrigan: My background is in high-needs school districts, and I look forward to giving back to children who grew up much like myself. Logan McNamera: My passion and desire to teach and better the lives of others has increased through my work experience.
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Colleen Pavao: There has never been a job that I have held in the past that can compare to working in education. Becoming a teacher would mean that I would have a greater opportunity to make a difference in students' lives. Jessica Zitano-Pimental: There’s nothing like watching comprehension light up a child’s face. The challenge of breaking down information to its simplest form, then building on that information piece by piece fascinates me.
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