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Research Facilities


Modernization of instrumentation is a high priority in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. The department has research laboratories and instruments in the Science & Engineering Building, the Violette Research Building, the Dion Building and the New Research Building on the main campus.

 Some of the more recent acquisitions include:

  • Bruker AVANCE III HD 400 MHz High-Performance Digital NMR
  • Two PESCIEX API150 Mass spectrometers
  • Two Hewlett-Packard 5890 gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers
  • Bruker e-scan R table-top EPR Analyzer
  • Eleven gas chromatographs from various manufacturers
  • Perkin Elmer 1310 IR spectrometer
  • Five FT-IR spectrometers from various manufacturers
  • Eight UV-Vis spectrophotometers from various manufacturers
  • ISA Fluoromax 2 fluorescence spectrometer
  • ISS K2 spectrofluorimeter
  • SLM 48000 spectrofluorimeter
  • Perkin Elmer LS55 luminescence spectrometer
  • Thirteen high performance liquid chromatographs from various manufacturers
  • Six centrifuges from various manufacturers
  • Dupont-Sorvall OTD55B ultracentrifuge
  • Three Spectra/Chrom CF-1 fraction collectors
  • Two Perkin Elmer Aanalyst 100 flame atomic absorption spectrometers
  • Perkin Elmer Zeeman 5100 PC furnace atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Two Pharmacia Biotech Phast System electrophoresis and developing Unit
  • Jordan Scientific DNA sequencer with Dan-Kar power Supply
  • Molecular Dynamics MegaBase 1000 DNA sequencer
  • Two PARC 264A polargraphic analyzer/voltammeters
  • Hach IL 550 TOC-TN TOC-TN analyzer
  • Beckman LS5801 scintillation counter
  • CSC 4200 isothermal titration calorimeter
  • JASCO J-715 spectropolarimeter
  • Sippican/NRL optical fiber-based biosensor
  • ITTI image analysis system
  • Perkin Elmer DSC-7 differential scanning calorimeter
  • Finnigan MAT isotope ratio mass spectrometer
  • Waters HPLC system with PDA detection and Millennium software and a Labconco lyophilizer
  • Micromeretics ASAP2020 Physisorption Analyzer