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David Z. Goodson

biochem faculty goodsonTheoretical Chemical Physics

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747

phone: 508-999-8420
e-mail: dgoodson@umassd.edu

[Biographical Information]

Current Research Interests:

Reaction rate theory
Ab initio quantum chemistry
Large-order perturbation theory

Research Associates (current and former):

Ming-Zhu Zheng, Dr. Gang Liu, Dr. Derek Daniel, Andrew Boyd, Dr. Shi-Wei Huang, Wan-Ting Chiang, Dr. Andrei A. Suvernev, Dr. Mello Elout, Carl Elliston, Dustin Roelse, Dr. Alexei V. Sergeev, Dr. Joel M. Cohen

Recent Publications:

D. Z. Goodson, "Extrapolating the Coupled-Cluster Sequence Toward the Full Configuration-Interaction Limit," Journal of Chemical Physics, in press.

D. Z. Goodson, "A Summation Procedure that Improves the Accuracy of Fourth-Order Moeller-Plesset Perturbation Theory," Journal of Chemical Physics 113, 6461-6464 (2000).

D. Z. Goodson, D. W. Roelse, W.-T. Chiang, S. M. Valone, and J. D. Doll, "A Simple Method for Calculating Quantum Effects on the Temperature Dependence of Bimolecular Reaction Rates: Application to H_2 + H --> H + H_2 and CH_4 + H --> CH_3 + H_2," Journal of the American Chemical Society 122, 9189-9195 (2000).

D. Z. Goodson, "Convergent Summation of Moeller-Plesset Perturbation Theory," Journal of Chemical Physics 112, 4901-4909 (2000).

D. Z. Goodson and A. V. Sergeev, "On the Use of Algebraic Approximants to Sum Divergent Series for Fermi Resonances in Vibrational Spectroscopy," Journal of Chemical Physics 110, 8205-8206 (1999).

S.-W. Huang, D. Z. Goodson, M. Lopez-Cabrera, and T. C. Germann, "Large-Order Dimensional Perturbation Theory for Diatomic Molecules within the Born-Oppenheimer Approximation," Physical Review A, 58, 250-257 (1998).

A. V. Sergeev and D. Z. Goodson, "Summation of Asymptotic Expansions of Multiple-Valued Functions Using Algebraic Approximants: Application to Anharmonic Oscillators," Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 31 4301-4317 (1998).

M. O. Elout, D. Z. Goodson, C. D. Elliston, S.-W. Huang, A. V. Sergeev, and D. K. Watson, "Improving the Convergence and Estimating the Accuracy of Summation Approximants of 1/D Expansions for Coulombic Systems," Journal of Mathematical Physics 39, 5112-5122 (1998).

A. V. Sergeev and D. Z. Goodson, "Self-Consistent-Field Perturbation Theory of Molecular Vibrations," Molecular Physics, 93 477-484 (1998).

A. V. Sergeev and D. Z. Goodson, "Semiclassical Self-Consistent-Field Theory for the Hydrogen Atom in a Magnetic Field," International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 69, 183-192 (1998).

A. A. Suvernev and D. Z. Goodson, "Dimensional Perturbation Theory for Vibration-Rotation Spectra of Linear Triatomic Molecules," Journal of Chemical Physics 107, 4099-4111 (1997).

A. A. Suvernev and D. Z. Goodson, "Dimensional Perturbation Theory: An Efficient Method for Computing Vibration-Rotation Spectra," Chemical Physics Letters 269 177-182 (1997).

D. Z. Goodson, "Self-Consistent-Field Perturbation Theory for the Schroedinger Equation," Physical Review A 55 4155-4163 (1997).

A. A. Suvernev and D. Z. Goodson, " Perturbation Theory for Coupled Anharmonic Oscillators," Journal of Chemical Physics 106, 2681-2684 (1997).

J. M. Cohen and D. Z. Goodson, "Unified Approach to Molecular Structure and Molecular Vibrations," International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 59 445-456 (1996).

D. K. Watson and D. Z. Goodson, "Dimensional Perturbation Theory for Weakly Bound Systems," Physical Review A 51 R5-R8 (1995).

[full publications list (.pdf)]

Documents available from this Web page may be protected under U.S. and Foreign Copyright Laws, and permission to reproduce may be required.

The contents of this Web page are the sole responsibility of David Goodson and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the University of Massachusetts. The administrator of this Web page is David Goodson, who may be contacted at dgoodson@umassd.edu .





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