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 Graduate Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry continues its tradition of providing individualized attention and instruction in its graduate program. Graduate students choose a course of study in which they work closely with faculty on research projects in areas of current interest in chemistry. Classes are typically small, affording superb opportunities for interaction with the faculty. Graduate students find the faculty approachable, helpful, and enthusiastic. Our students achieve extensive hands-on experience with instrumentation and computers.


  • Programs with special strength and emphasis in environmental chemistry, biotechnology, and computational chemistry.
  • An active seminar program featuring local, national and international speakers.
  • A joint doctoral program with UMass Lowell's Department of Chemistry. Students may complete course work and research at either campus.

Graduate students at UMass Dartmouth may pursue one of a number of programs leading to the Master of Science degree. Each program of study is designed to broaden and deepen students' knowledge in various branches of chemistry, as well as to provide specialization in at least one or more of the following areas:

• analytical chemistry
• biochemistry
• biophysical chemistry
• computational chemistry
• inorganic chemistry
• marine chemistry
• organic chemistry
• physical chemistry

Graduates of our program are prepared for careers in industrial, government, or university laboratories and in secondary schools as teachers of chemistry. M.S. graduates find that their experience at UMass Dartmouth also provides excellent preparation for entry into a Ph.D. program.

Please read our Graduate Programs Fact Sheet‌ for more information on our programs.