Undergraduate Programs

Student reading on the grass As an undergraduate English Major or English Minor, you can concentrate in one of two areas depending on your interests.

Check the university catalog for information on the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements at UMass Dartmouth.


Undergraduate English Areas of Study

Literature and Criticism

In this option you will learn to:

  • Identify authors, periods, themes, purposes, and forms of works of English, American, and World literatures and literary criticisms.
  • Identify and analyze formal attributes that distinguish literary genres and major schools of literary criticism.
  • Employ traditional and contemporary literary critical terms, techniques, and theories in analyzing and explaining, both orally and in writing, the forms, themes, arguments, audiences, purposes, and effects of works of literature.
  • Read critically across literary genres and works of literary criticism and history.
  • Write and speak effectively in formats including literary analysis, persuasive argument, and critical exposition.

Writing, Rhetoric & Communication

In this option you will learn to:

  • Develop and sustain compelling arguments, including the appropriate documentation of evidence.
  • Identify and employ key concepts in rhetorical theory and associate them with periods and theorists.
  • Analyze and describe significant features of audiences.
  • Identify and employ rhetorically appropriate strategies such as genres and styles.
  • Apply appropriate principles of visual rhetoric and document design.

Literature concentration and Writing concentration advising sheets are available on the Forms page.


English Minor

Interested in improving your writing, communications, and critical thinking skills -- qualities that employers value highly -- but you've already picked out your major? Why not consider a minor in English?

Go the English Minor Options page to see more information about concentration areas and minor requirements.