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 English Minor Options

Interested in improving your writing, communication, and critical thinking skills, why not minor in English? 

  • Considering a career in teaching or law? A minor in literature will help prepare you for both. 
  • Considering a career in business or journalism? The English writing or communications minors teach you how to produce a variety of written materials and develop professional content using any number of multimedia formats that can be read or viewed onscreen.

There are three concentration areas in the English minor and you can choose the one that most appeals to you. Options include:

Literature & Criticism

  • Three Foundations courses
    • ENL 258 (Literary Studies)
    • ENL 259 (Critical Methods, Theory, and Practice)
    • ENL 260 (Intermediate Composition)
  • One Major Author course
  • Two Literature electives (one must be 300+ level)
  • One 400-level Literature Seminar 

Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications

  • Three Foundations courses
    • ENL 257 (Introduction to Rhetorical Studies)
    • ENL 258 (Literary Studies)
    • ENL 260 (Intermediate Composition)
  • Three Writing electives (one must be 300+ level)
  • One 400-level Capstone Writing Workshop


  • One Foundations course
    • ENL 257 (Rhetoric I: Introduction to Rhetoric)
  • Two of the following 200-level courses
    • ENL 260 (Intermediate Composition)
    • ENL 262 (Journalism I)
    • ENL 264 (Writing for the Sciences)
    • ENL 266 (Technical Communications)
    • ENL 270 (Speech Communications)
  • Three of the following 300-level courses
    • ENL 350 (Report and Proposal writing)
    • ENL 355 (Rhetoric II: Advanced Rhetoric)
    • ENL 356 (Language and Culture)
    • ENL 357 (Special Topics in Rhetorical Studies)
    • ENL 360 (Special Topics in Writing and Communication)
    • ENL 361 (Techniques of Critical Writing and Communications)
    • ENL 362 (Writing Reviews)
    • ENL 363 (Journalism II)
    • ENL 368 (Internet Communications and Culture)
    • ENL 369 (Document Design)
  • One 400-level writing seminar

For program options and required courses please check the minor requirement advising sheets on the Forms page.