Writing, Rhetoric & Communication

Student sitting in the libraryWriting, Rhetoric & Communication

Students in the Writing, Rhetoric & Communication option of the English Major share a 15-credit background with those in the Literature and Criticism option in which students examine texts and ideas in historical, formal, cultural, theoretical, and other contexts. The program then develops students' abilities in writing, communications (including oral presentations), and rhetoric in each of the following five areas:

  • creative writing and emerging media
  • journalism and related nonfiction 
  • persuasive and advocacy writing 
  • public relations
  • technical and professional writing

Writing, Rhetoric & Communication students must demonstrate their ability to analyze rhetorical problems while composing effective, well-formulated documents for specified audiences using appropriate computer software.

Students in the Writing, Rhetoric & Communication option have many opportunities for professional training. This concentration prepares students for a wealth of careers in business, public relations, advertising, human resources, government, education, media, and social services. It gives students a strong foundation from which to launch any number of careers and aspirations.

This program is tailored for people planning careers in technical and business communication, journalism, creative writing, publishing, public relations, electronic writing, and teaching writing at the high school or college level. The curriculum appeals to both pre-career students looking for entry level writing positions and mid-career professionals looking to polish their writing skills and increase their marketability.

Students also receive a solid theoretical background and extensive writing and editing experience. The marketable skills that our English majors possess include the ability to express one's self verbally and in writing; experience in developing strong research and organizational skills; and experience using computers to write and create documents.

Some job areas for people with a degree in Writing, Rhetoric & Communication from UMass Dartmouth include:

  • technical writing
  • freelance writing
  • computer systems design
  • electronics manufacturing
  • software publishing
  • editing
  • teaching
  • magazine publishing 
  • public relations
  • advertising
  • marketing and sales 
  • library or information specialties
  • journalism (newspapers, television, radio)
  • web development
  • film

 For degree requirements in the Writing, Rhetoric & Communication option, download the "English Major - Writing, Rhetoric & Communication Tracking Sheet" (.pdf) on the Forms page.