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Mark Santow 
20th century history: urban, social history, race relations


Susan Foley
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Full Time Faculty

Crystal Lubinsky
Religious Studies, ancient history

Cristina Mehrtens
Latin American history, Brazilian history

Ilana Offenberger
Holocaust, Germany

Robert Pontbriand
Modern Europe, Intellectual History, Western Civilization, France

Mark Santow
20th century history: urban, social history, race relations

Matthew Sneider
Italian history: medieval and early modern

Bridget Teboh
African history

Len Travers
Colonial and Revolutionary America; early American Republic; New England

Timothy Walker
Early Modern Europe, Portugal and the Portuguese Empire, Maritime History, the Slave Trade

Brian Williams
Ottoman Empire, Al Qaeda, Central Asia-Afganistan, Chechens

Part Time Faculty

Steven Baden

Richard Ironfield

Paula Rioux

Professor Emeriti

Martin Butler
American history

Linsun Cheng
Asian history, Chinese economic history

Fred Gifun
Latin American History

James Hijiya
American history

Gerard M. Koot
Modern Britain, modern Europe, European economic and social history

Betty Mitchell
19th century US history, women's history

Geraldine Phipps
Russian and Eastern European history

Manuel Rosenfield
Medieval and Early Modern English and European history

Joseph N. Scionti, Jr.
Renaissance and Reformation, Italy, Germany

Benjamin F. Taggie
Medieval studies