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The Indic Studies program has no standing faculty. Courses are taught by faculty in other departments. To identify faculty teaching Indic Studies classes, check the course listing. To contact a professor, consult your syllabus or the professor's department website. For more information about faculty and courses, contact the Indic Studies Director.

Indic Studies Committee

  • Bal-Ram Singh (Program Director) Chemistry
  • Sankha Bhowmick Mechanical Engineering
  • Avijit Gangopadhyay Physics and Marine Science and Technology
  • Angappa Gunasekaran Management
  • Krishan Gupta Accounting and Finance
  • Madhusudan Jhaveri Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Trib Puri Accounting and Finance
  • Tridib Kumar Roy Mechanical Engineering
  • Sukalyan Sengupta Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • K Srinagesh Mechanical Engineering
  • Amit Tandon Physics and Marine Science and Technology





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