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Sustainability Studies Courses

Course Descriptions

Sustainability Studies students must complete two core courses and 4 elective courses. 

Electives can be taken from SUS designated courses as well as approved courses offered by other departments.

Two electives must be numbered 300 or higher and may not count toward major requirements. The remaining two electives may be at any level and MAY count toward major requirements.


Required Courses 

SUS101: Principles of Sustainability
3 Credits

This course focuses on the fundamental principles of sustainability, providing a larger context for the topics covered in the elective courses. Topics covered include: What is Sustainability?, Climate Change and Environmental Challenges, Systems Thinking/Systems Analysis, "Natural" Systems and Function, Human Interactions with Natural Systems, and Ethics and Values.

- OR -

SUS202: Topics in Sustainability

3 credits

A multidisciplinary introduction to sustainability, defined as balancing present human needs and desires against the future's capacity to support human needs and desires. Faculty and students from various disciplines will explore current and alternative social systems through the lens of a single topic. Topics will change depending on the participating faculty. Past topics include Food, Water, Consumption, Campus Biodiversity, and Green Architecture. May be repeated with change of topic.


SUS450: Advanced Seminar Sustainability

3 credits

An integration study of concepts from various fields in sustainability. Students will critically review how individuals and/or institutions apply knowledge relating to sustainable best practice to restore and enhance natural, human, and financial capital and to create intergenerational value and well-being.


Elective Courses

Sustainability Studies minors must complete 12 elective credits, at least six of which must be numbered 300 or higher. Electives courses include all courses with the "SUS" prefix and approved courses offered in other departments.


Approved Sustainability Electives

Click here for a list of current courses and course descriptions.

ANT 334 - Food, Feast, and Famine

ANT 367 - Culture, Power, and Inequality in a Globalized World

ANT 386 - Sustainability in Action

ARH 322 - Art of the City

ARH 349 - Development of Modern Architecture

ATR 123 - Styling the Apocalypse

ATR 379 - Sustainable Textiles

BIO 103 - Topics in Biology: Ecology

BIO 103 - Topics in Biology: Campus Biodiversity

BIO 112 - The Ocean Environment

BIO 143 - Ecology and Environmental Issues

BIO 314 - General Ecology

BIO 402 - Community Ecology

BNG 162 - Designing a Healthier Planet and its People

CEN 304 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering

CEN 325 - Water Resources Engineering

CEN 419 - Advanced Traffic Engineering

CHM 130 - Chemistry and the Environment

DES 300 - Concepts in Design: Design for Environment

ECO 337 - Environmental Economics

ECO 492 - Senior Seminar: Environmental Policy

ENL 200 - Studies in Literature: Environmental Literature

ENL 200 - Studies in Literature: Reading and Writing about the Ocean

ENL 357 - Special Topics in Rhetorical Studies: Environmental Communication

FIA 223 - Nature Drawing I

FIA 224 - Nature Drawing II

IST 444 - Topic in Indic Studies: Sustainable Business in India

MAR 105 - Introductory Ocean Science

MAR 110 - Natural Hazards and the Ocean

MGT 120 - Sustainable Entrepreneurship

MGT 312 - Legal Framework of Business

MNE 490 - Special Topics: Ocean Wave Energy Conversion

PHL 307 - Ecofeminism

PHY 162 - Science, Technology & Society: The Environment

PHY 171 - Planet Earth I

PHY 172 - Planet Earth II

PHY 183 - Introduction to Global Climate Change

PHY 419 - Advanced Traffic Engineering

PSC 235 - Environmental Policy

PSC 251 - World Political Issues and Ideas: The Politics of Everyday Things

PSC 161 - Topics in International Relations: Sustainability on Campus

PSC 347 - Environmental Law

PSC 348 - Ocean Policy and Law

PSC 384 - International Law & Organization

PSC 390 - Current Issues in Politics & Policy: The Politics of Climate Change

PSC 400 - Seminar in American Politics & Ideas: State and Local Public Policy

PSC 477 - Topics in International Relations: Global Environmental Politics

PSC 477 - Topics in International Relations: Climate Action

SOC 334 - Food, Feast, and Famine

SOC 350 - Readings in Sociological & Anthropological Literature: Environmental Justice

SOC 367 - Culture, Power, and Inequality in a Globalized World

SOC 381 - Social Impact of Science and Technology

SOC 386 - Sustainability in Action

SOC 420 - Senior Seminar: Dealing with Disaster

WGS 210 - Topics in Women’s Studies: Women’s Health and the Environment

WGS 210 - Topics in Women’s Studies: Gender, Migration, and Globalization

WGS 307 - Ecofeminism