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Archived News

Welcome New Faculty.

September 1, 2012 - The mathematics department welcomes two new faculty members:

Assistant Professor Bo Dong received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, and was on the faculty at the Drexel University before coming to UMassD. Her research interests are in numerical analysis, scientific computing, finite element methods.

Assistant Professor Akil Narayan received his Ph.D. from Brown University, and was a Postdoctoral research associate at Purdue University before coming to UMassD. His research interests are in numerical analysis, scientific computing, uncertainty quantification, approximation methods.

New NSF grant awarded.

July 1, 2012 – Principal Investigator Yanlai Chen is the recipient of federal award number 1216928 from the National Science Foundation for " Developing reduced basis methods for Galerkin and Collocation framework".

New AFOSR grant awarded.

May 1, 2012 – Principal Investigator Sigal Gottlieb is the recipient of a federal award from the Airforce Office of Scientific Research for " Tailoring High Order Time Discretizations use with spatial discretizations of hyperbolic PDES".

The 2011 NSF-CBMS Regional Research Conference in the Mathematics Sciences was held at UMass Dartmouth in the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center from June 20 to June 24.

The conference featured keynote speakers Prof. Fornberg, Bengt (University of Colorado Boulder) and Dr. Flyer, Natasha(NCAR). It was attended by 49 participants from 4 countries. For more details see the conference Web site:

2011 NSF-CBMS at UMassD

This conference is sponsored by National Science Foundation with PI Prof. Saeja Kim and Co-PIs Prof. Sigal Gottlieb, Prof. Cheng Wang, and Prof. Alfa Heryudono.

New NSF grant awarded.

June 1, 2011 – Principal Investigator Cheng Wang is the recipient of federal award number 1115420 from the National Science Foundation for " Collaborative Research: Stable and Efficient Convexity-splitting Schemes for Bistable Gradient PDEs".


The Third New England Numerical Analysis Day Conference will be held at UMass Dartmouth in the Woodland Commons on April 16, 2011.

The conference will feature speakers from 13 universities. Among the freatured are Gil Strang, Homer Walker, and Ilse Ipsen. There will be a special luncheon talk by Phil Davis of Brown University. There will also be a poster session of student papers. For more details see the conference Web site:

New England Numerical Analysis Day Conference

The conference is sponsored by the UMass Dartmouth College of Arts and Sciences.

UMass students and faculty gave presentations at the Joint Meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America, New Orleans, January 2011.

Six UMass students attended the conference. Sidafa CondeZach GrantJustin McKennonCharles Poole, and Lee-Ann Sylvia all made presentations at the undergraduate research poster session. Prof. Steven Leon gave a talk in the MAA Linear Algebra contributed paper session.

Prof. Sigal Gottlieb featured on the CHANCELLOR'S Colloquium

UMass Dartmouth Building New Bridges Colloquium, scheduled for Thursday, December 2nd at 5:30 p.m., will feature Prof. Gottlieb who will give a talk entitled, “The Gibbs Phenomenon: A 100 Year Adventure”.

Math Department members head to the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) annual meeting in Pittsburgh

Prof. Saeja Kim, Cheng Wang, and Sigal Gottlieb will be presenting their work at several minisymposia. If you're at the meeting, please come to their talks!

Prof. Kim will be speaking on Monday at 5pm on "Detecting Edges in Two Dimensional Functions with Radial Basis Functions" and on Wednesday at 10:30am on her joint work with Alfa Heryudono "2D Radial Basis Function Interpolation on Irregular Geometry through Conformal Transplantation."

Prof. Wang will be speaking on Thursday at 11:30am on "Unconditional Stable Numerical Schemes for Phase Field Crystal (PFC) Equations" and at 4:00pm on "Numerical Simulation of Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw Equations."

Prof. Gottlieb will be speaking on Monday at 11:30am on "An RBF-Gegenbauer Method for Time Dependent Discontinuous Problems," and at 5:30pm on "Stencil Choosing Sensitivity in WENO," and on Tuesday at 10:30am on "The History of SSP Methods."

In addition, please join us for the minisymposia organized by Prof. Alfa Heryudono, Saeja Kim, Sigal Gottlieb and Cheng Wang:

High Order Numerical Methods for PDEs - Part IIIIII, and IV.

Time Discretizations for the Evolution of Time-dependent PDEs - Parts I and II.

In addition, our undergraduate students who have been doing research as part of the CSUMS project will be attending, with some presenting their work at the poster session, and one of them (Zachary Grant) will be speaking at the Student Days Minisymposium.

Computational Science Group wins DOD Grant

April 2 2010. The proposal entitled: Heterogeneous terascale computing cluster for the development of graphics processing unit optimized high order numerical methods (PI: Sigal Gottlieb (Math), Co-PIs: Robert Fisher (Physics), Gaurav Khanna (Physics), Alfa Heryudono (Math), Cheng Wang (Math), Saeja Kim (Math)) has been selected for funding by US Department of Defense. News 1 News 2

Marie Curie Grant FP7

December 5 2009. Joint proposal between two scientific computing groups at Uppsala University and UMass Dartmouth entitled: Flexible FEM-RBF Hybrid for PDE problems with mixed regularity (Research Team: Elisabeth Larsson, Alfa Heryudono, Axel Malqvist) has been selected for funding of 117,397 euro by European Union Funding Agency.

UMassd SIAM Student Chapter is born

July 21 2009. SIAM Student Chapter at UMass Dartmouth has been established. Free membership for enrolled UMass Dartmouth students. more info

CSUMS students in conferences

July 11 2009. Our NSF funded CSUMS students participated in Sigma Xi 2009, UMass Amherst MSUR 2009, and SIAM Annual Meeting 2009 conferences. Make us proud! Visit gallery


January 29 2009. We are very pleased to announce that our department has been awarded an NSF CSUMS grant which aims to include exploration and research in the undergraduate computational math curriculum. We hope that this grant will be a benefit to all our students by encouraging interactive teaching at all levels, and by allowing our students the opportunity to do research in any area which involves computational math. CSUMS in University Press Release | Visit our official CSUMS website





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