Frank Scarano, Ph.D., CLS(M) (NCA)


Professional Interests

Clinical microbiology, molecular epidemiology, molecular diagnostics, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, and microbiology education

Recent Professional Activities

Member, ASCLS Consumer Response Web Site Team

Treasurer, Clinical Laboratory Science Society of Central New England (CLS/CNE)

Recent University Service

Member, Molecular Techniques Subcommittee

Member, Faculty Senate Library Committee

Member, Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects

Chair, Scientific Academic Council

Recent Publications

Mayo, D., N. Karabatsos, F. Scarano, T. Brennan, D. Buck, T. Fiorentino, J. Mennone, S. Tran, 2001. Jamestown Canyon Virus Seroprevalence in Connecticut. Emerging Infectious Diseases, submitted.

Scarano, F.J., and D.J. Ellis. 2001. The Use of Poster Preparation and Presentation in Undergraduate Microbiology Education. Abstract submitted. American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, Annual Meeting 2001, Chicago, Illinois.

Scarano, F.J., K.B. Cote, T.L. Bludis, P. Gillevet, J.S. Tang, R.B. Jonas, and D.J. Ellis. 2000. Potential Pathogens Isolated from Stratified Aquatic Ecosystems. Abstract and Poster. American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, Annual Meeting 2000, San Francisco, California.

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