CAS Online Programs

Undergraduate Degree Completion programs

Liberal Arts

You'll choose two from the concentration areas listed below

English Literature and Criticism concentration

Students concentrating in Literature and Criticism examine texts and ideas in historical, formal, cultural, theoretical, and other contexts. In particular, students gain an understanding of literary genres (poetry, drama, fiction, creative non-fiction), develop close reading and analysis skills, and build their general knowledge of literature. Through reading a wide range of texts, students gain an understanding of the expanse of literary works across periods, genres, and national traditions.


History concentration

Students concentrating in History are offered study in United States, European, Russian, Latin American, African and Asian History. Students can expect to participate in a variety of academic activities including lecture and discussion courses and seminars.


Philosophy concentration

As the foundation of the humanities, Philosophy offers students the opportunity to cultivate their analytical skills and clarity of thought. Philosophy aims to help students develop a successful career and a meaningful life.


Political Science concentration

The Political Science concentration provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of political institutions and processes in a global community.


Sociology concentration

Sociology is the study of social behavior and the socio-cultural settings in which is occurs. It involves the study of whole societies and their basic institutions as well as smaller scale groups such as the family, peer group and neighborhood.


Women's and Gender Studies concentration

In the interdisciplinary concentration of Women's and Gender Studies, students study history, economics, psychology, health, music, literature and the visual arts in order to understand the position of women in society and to investigate varying influences upon women’s and men’s lives, such as race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and age. Students have the opportunity to think about the construction and influences of gender in contemporary society, to discover the historical factors that have shaped the current status of women from varying backgrounds and countries, and to explore paths to achieve equality for all people.



Women’s and Gender Studies Degree Completion Program

The online Women's and Gender Studies degree completion program program allows students to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree through the Women's and Gender Studies Program. Along with core classes, students concentrate in four areas of study: Gender Studies; Politics, Justice and Policy; Cross-Cultural Inquiry; and Arts and Letters.


Political Science Degree Completion Program

The online Political Science degree completion program provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of political institutions and processes in a global community. Students graduating in this program emerge as leaders in federal, state, and local governments and pursue careers in law, business, international associations, and non-profit organizations.


Graduate programs

Master of Public Policy

The online Master of Public Policy (MPP) degree is an attractive option for students seeking employment in state, federal, and municipal governments, non-profit organizations, and business, trade, and labor associations. It also aids students who wish to advance their careers in public policy or further their studies in the policy field.

Public Management Certificate

The graduate online certificate in Public Management exposes students to the essential principles of public management within the context of public policy. Students learn about the foundation of policy development and public management. From this foundation students choose from a variety of electives that focus on areas which include state and local public finance, regional economic development, program evaluation, and other aspects critical to public management.

Certificate programs

Educational Policy Graduate Certificate

The online Educational Policy Graduate Certificate Program offers students an excellent opportunity to develop both advanced knowledge and practical skills that can be applied in a variety of educational and policy-relevant settings. 


Women's and Gender Studies Undergraduate Certificate

The online Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Certificate allows students to develop a fuller understanding of women's positions in society. Students investigate the broad spectrum of women's movements and feminist theories.

Environmental Policy Graduate Certificate

The online Environmental Policy Graduate Certificate offers an excellent opportunity to achieve advanced knowledge and professional certification in the formulation and implementation of policies that achieve sustainable operations.