Testimonial from Environmental Policy Online Program Students

student photo 

Environmenal Policy student Pamela Sears shares her experience with online learning.

Here are her answers:

What drew you to the UMass Dartmouth Online Program?

I needed a program that satisfied three requirements, and UMass Dartmouth's online program met them all:

  • It had to be an online course, because I needed the flexibility.
  • It had to offer immediate access to one graduate level course without requiring an official admissions process. (I did not want to have to wait an entire semester to begin.)
  • I was especially interested in environmental studies.

What about the online experience do you appreciate the most?

My classmates come from all over the world and represent the continuum of professional experience. I also like the fact that "ageism" is not an issue. We are of all ages, all backgrounds. The diversity offers a more complete perspective, a veritable panorama, if you will.

How would you characterize your educational experience?

After three online courses, I would characterize my educational experience as "much improved." Thanks to a stellar professor (Chad McGuire), the courses have been both challenging and rewarding; they have, in effect, changed my worldview. On a more personal note, because I came from a very "checkered" academic past, I really wanted a chance to prove myself by taking graduate level courses. UMD provided that opportunity. I am now pursing the post-baccalaureate certificate in Environmental Policy Studies and hope to move onto a graduate program in either Environmental Policy or Ecological Economics.

Did your view of online learning change at all after being a student in the online program?

I must admit, I was initially skeptical that an online course could offer a quality program. UMass Dartmouth definitely delivered!