Humanities Concentration—History

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Program Description 

Students concentrating in History are offered study in United States, European, Russian, Latin American, African, and Asian history. Students can expect to participate in a variety of academic activities including lecture and discussion courses and seminars.

The history concentration acquaints students with the various methods of historical study, provides them with a broad understanding of the major themes of history, and allows them to concentrate on topical courses and themes of their choosing.

Some required classes may have pre-requisites that are not required for the major but that must be completed before you can enroll in required classes. It is the student’s responsibility to check for and complete pre-requisites before attempting to enroll in the classes listed below.

Two two-part HST courses: (6 credits)
Choose one set of courses in European/Western, World, or American History

  • HST 101
  • HST 102: 
  • HST 103
  • HST 104
  • HST 115
  • HST 116

Three HST courses at the 300 or 400 level: see course catalog (9 credits)
You may want to focus on a specific area, like U.S., African, European, Asian history, etc.

  • HST 300 or 400 level 
  • HST 300 or 400 level 
  • HST 300 or 400 level

Total credits for Humanities Concentration—History: 15 Credits

Online programs and courses are offered by the Departments and Colleges of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth through UMass Dartmouth University Extension.