Curriculum & Objectives



Fully online Liberal Arts degree students are asked to declare their concentrations when they apply to the program. Liberal Arts degree students must also complete the distribution requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences, as well as the university general education requirements.

LAR 201: Introduction to Studies Across the Disciplines (3 credits)

An introduction to the writing, research and communications skills required in multidisciplinary studies, which includes a study of the humanities and social sciences as disciplines. Students will learn about the various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, read and analyze texts from the humanities and social sciences, and develop critical understanding of disciplinary research practices for the humanities and social sciences.

LAR 201 has a pre-requisite of ENL 102. Students are encouraged to complete LAR 201 during the their sophomore year.

LAR 401: Capstone Seminar in Multidisciplinary Studies (3 credits)

A seminar course with substantial multidisciplinary research and writing. Students will engage in in-depth research of primary and secondary sources across a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. They will research, reason, and write employing the appropriate conventions of the disciplines they are studying. Topics will vary according to instructor. This course may be repeated with different topics. Students are encouraged to complete LAR 401 during their senior year.

LAR 401 prerequisites include:

  • ENL 260: Intermediate Composition
  • LAR 201: Introduction to Studies Across the Disciplines


The following Humanities and Social Science concentrations are available to fully online students (choose two):


Please note that many concentration courses have prerequisites. It is the student’s responsibility to complete these courses. It is strongly recommended that you take courses in the listed sequence.

Total credits for the major: 36

Please note that the Liberal Arts degree program is designed as a fully online program and enables a student to complete the LAR major requirements in two years if desired. When available, classroom courses offered at our Dartmouth or Cape Cod campuses may be substituted for the same online course.


The Liberal Arts degree aims to have students:

  • Understand the diversity of disciplinary perspectives and relationships across diverse fields of knowledge
  • Identify and formulate multidisciplinary research questions based on key concepts, literature, practices, and issues of their areas of concentration
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills that relate their academic knowledge to civic engagement and issues in their communities
  • Conduct research that evaluates and employs primary and secondary resources effectively, using appropriate disciplinary conventions for citation and documentation
  • Develop, write, and present original analyses in clear, grammatical prose


With these skills, students will graduate capable of fulfilling the top three expectations of the new college-educated employee:

    1. Strong communication abilities (oral and written).
    2. Ability to assess a situation well and develop a course of action.
    3. An ability to work independently.

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