English Literature

Literature & Criticism Concentration (ENL–L)

Students concentrating in Literature & Criticism examine texts and ideas in historical, formal, cultural, theoretical, and other contexts. Through the tailored curriculum, students

  • gain an understanding of literary genres (poetry, drama, fiction, creative non-fiction)
  • develop close reading and analysis skills
  • build their general knowledge of literature
  • gain an understanding of the breadth and depth of literary works across periods, genres, and national traditions through readinga wide range of texts

Consequently, LAR majors who concentrate in English Literature will develop their abilities to think and write critically, as well as communicate effectively in various formats such as literary analysis, argument, exposition, and oral presentation.

Literature & Criticism Curriculum

  • ENL 258: Introduction to Literary Studies
  • Two 300/400-level historical courses (1 course must be pre-1800, and 1 course must be post-1800 from approved department list.)
  • Two 300-level genre courses

Note: Many concentration courses have pre-requisite courses. It is the student’s responsibility to complete these courses. It is strongly recommended that you take courses in the listed sequence.

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