Sociology Concentration (SC)

The Sociology concentration provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of social behavior and the socio-cultural settings in which it occurs. This concentration examines the study of whole societies and their basic institutions as well as smaller scale groups such as the family, peer group, and neighborhood.



One required course from the following list: (3 credits)

  • SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
  • ANT 111: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC/ANT 113: Introduction to Social and Cultural Behavior

Any SOC/ANT course, 100 level or above. (3 credits) Please note that SOC 200 is not open to LAR majors. 

Three 300-level SOC or ANT electives.

Sociology Course Listing

SOC 101: Intro to Sociology
SOC 102: Social Problems
SOC 190: Introduction to Criminal Justice
SOC 310: Social Movements
SOC 315: Health and Healing
SOC 331: Race & Ethnicity
SOC 336: Women & Social Policy
SOC 337: Comparative Ethnic Relations
SOC 350: Readings: Sociology of the Internet
SOC 350: Readings: Women and Sexualities Across Cultures
SOC 356: Wealth / Status / Power-America
SOC 358: Criminological Theory
SOC 359: Men and Masculinities
SOC 381: Social Impact of Science & Technology
SOC 400: Women in Criminal Justice

Courses are identified by the subfield area they fit into based on the course schedule.

Note: Many concentration courses have pre-requisite courses. It is the student’s responsibility to complete these courses. It is strongly recommended that you take courses in the listed sequence.

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