Because the online Liberal Arts program contains multiple concentrations from different departments, faculty members from the contributing departments serve and teach courses for the program.

The following departments contain faculty members that teach courses for the online Liberal Arts program:

Concentration Areas:

Contact Us 

If you have any questions regarding the online Liberal Arts degree program, its admission requirements or curriculum, please contact:

All prospective/new students with questions should email or call University Extension at 508.999.9202.

All current students should go through their advisors.

Karen Gulbrandsen, Ph.D.
Online Coordinator
LARTS, Room 338
Phone: 508.910.6932 

For general information about the LAR Program, contact the Liberal Arts Secretary, Cheryl Bednarik. Cheryl also schedules appointments for students with the LAR Director, Dr. Shari Evans.

Cheryl Bednarik
LARTS, Room 356
Phone: 508.910.6296

Dr. Shari Evans
Program Director
LARTS, Room 323
Phone: 508.910.6522

Online programs and courses are offered by the Departments and Colleges of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth through UMass Dartmouth University Extension.